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Amazon Alexa Setup

For Amazon Alexa Setup, all you need is one active Amazon account, Alexa app on your computer or mobile and a Wi-Fi home network.

Alexa app can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS as per your device. However, compatibility requirements of Amazon Alexa app always be the first preferences with various platforms.

Amazon Alexa Setup

For Android ( Amazon Alexa Setup ) Version 5.0 or higher
For iOS  ( Amazon Alexa Setup Version 9.0 and above
For Fire OS  ( Amazon Alexa Setup ) Version 3.0 or higher

After the Alexa app download, you will have to install it by proper instructions that will appear on your screen.

Post installation, by using your Amazon credentials open the Alexa app and after that, you can set up of your Echo device.


Amazon Alexa App Setup

Common Errors While Amazon alexa Setup

  • Downloading Alexa app error.
  • Login error for Alexa app.
  • Verification error of Phone Number.
  • Registration error.
  • Wi-fi not discoverable.
  • Connection with Wi-Fi network.
  • Alexa connectivity to the internet.
  • Alexa error 7:3:0:9:2.
  • Amazon Echo Error7:3:0:0:1.
  • Echo can’t communicate to Wi-Fi 7:1:30:52:2.
  • Alexa keep disconnecting Error7:0:00:524:2.
  • Registration error. Please visit help.
  • Error 2:2:5:0:1.
  • Error 1: 2: 85: 5: 2.

Few steps for Amazon Echo Wi-Fi Setup Issues

If you are facing difficulty while setup Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi, go through the below mentioned steps:

  1. Check the connectivity of the internet.
  2. Any on-going Internet outage, wait 24 hours for it to resolve.
  3. Internet speed must be compatible to your Echo device.
  4. In case the internet is out, immediately call your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  5. Make sure your device is powered on.
  6. Keep your Echo device in setup mode.
  7. Perform a RAC if required.
  8. If all the above steps failed, try a firmware update.
  9. Try the router’s Firmware.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly, you can easily fix Wi-Fi setup issues with Amazon Echo.


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