AMAZON ECHO 2nd Generation


AMAZON ECHO is a smart speaker controlled by AMAZON ALEXA  and now its come with different versions like 2ND Generation and 3RD Generation. With ECHO Speakers you can convert your home to a smart home. From ECHO a user can create a to-do list, play music, make a call or message and add much or skills to it which make this device fun to use. Amazon ECHO is a wireless speaker and it can also attach with your external speakers via Bluetooth or with a cable.

What makes the AMAZON ECHO stands out from other voice assistance speakers, that his responsiveness. Users didn’t need to press any button to activate or turn on the device, just have to simply say the word either “ALEXA” “ECHO” “COMPUTER”  OR “AMAZON” whichever you want to assign to activate the device.

AMAZON ECHO 2nd Generation

Echo 2nd Generation comes up with a handful of new features like Dolby digital sound and upgraded microphone technology. From the Echo 2nd generation you can now make calls and send text messages.

In the 2nd generation, users can now customize certain catchwords to perform various actions at a given time. For example, just say: “Alexa, Goodbye” and your Echo will turn off your smart TV, lights and also lock the doors.

PRODUCT FEATURESAmazon Echo 2nd generation

  • Built-in wireless speakers for voice commands
  • Get information about news, weather, and more—immediately from Alexa voice assistance.
  • Provided with seven microphones and beamforming technology from which your Echo can hear you from a far-field distance.
  • Given Dolby digital speakers for a 360 surrounded sound
  • Activate your device by saying the wake word “Alexa”
  • Having two or more Echo devices, Alexa now responds brilliantly from the closest device with ESP (Echo Spatial Perception) technology.