HOW to Reset Alexa?

how to reset alexa


Facing trouble resetting your Amazon Alexa, switching to upgrade version or gifting your device to your family members? You should firstly reset your Alexa so that your account details and skills did not remain on your device.

To reset your Alexa we provided 2 easiest way: Through Mobile or desktop application, or from your Amazon device. We will help you to how to reset Alexa from both ways-

How to reset Alexa from DEVICE

Amazon Echo 1st-Generation (On the very top of your Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot there are only two buttons) AlexaReset pinhole – It will be located on the base of your Amazon device.

Now push and hold the reset button using a paper clip or toothpick, and wait for the orange light to turn into a blue light.

Release pinhole – Now the device will turn off and on. Once your device is turned back on it will give you an orange light.

Orange Light – Indicates that your Amazon Echo and Echo Dot is successfully reset to factory default.

Amazon Echo 2nd-Generation and Above(On the very top of your Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot there are four buttons)

Reset Alexa

Simultaneously push and hold the volume down and the microphone button for 25 seconds.

Wait for the Orange light turn off and on – If you are getting an orange light on your device it means that your device is reset to factory default.

These are the steps to reset your AMAZON Echo and Amazon Dot from your device. If you are facing trouble resetting your device kindly call us on 1-866-988-8965 or email us at


Open Alexa App on IOS or Android device

Tap the Menu icon located on the top left corner of your Alexa App.

Click on setting option

Select the Amazon device which you want to reset.

Now Scroll down and click on “Deregister” your device.

Authenticate by click on “Deregister” back again.

You successfully factory reset your Echo by using the App.

This is how to reset Alexa device using your smartphones or tablet and if you are facing any problem while resetting your device kindly call us on our toll-free 1-866-988-8965 or shoot us an email on